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Deep Learning: Tiny Islands

AlphaGo-based AI agent for the game Tiny Islands by David King.


Image templating engine using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CSV.


Digital version of the board game Pandánte by Sirlin Games.

The game's second edition incorporates the new board design and hand icons I created for the digital edition; see image comparison.

See full videos of Pandante.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0JEFuJJcp0&list=PLVkyA1oDHBa8SKroEMBE4Ni_FTtRtqRTt


Logical deduction helper for the game Cinco Paus by Michael Brough.

The Cincomancia linked above is AurenSnyder's fork with updated truth table. Original repo at https://github.com/Xom/Cincomancia

The Cincomante in the video is @jseakle.

More recently, AurenSnyder has written another program, Automancia, that partially automates the use of Cincomancia. It tracks some other useful info, too.


Language Models in Games: A Survey (as of 2022-11-30)

Beyond Duplicate Bridge: Generalizing Shuffle Duplication to Autochess, Deckbuilders, and other games

Oh-Seven is a modern variant of Oh, Hell! with improved scoring and other changes. I implemented Oh-Seven on Board Game Arena.

Preference Revealer sorts a list of items by asking you to make pairwise comparisons. Before you resort to this, consider how much time you'd save by using the ordinary human method of eyeballing your items together into a rough order and then refining with ad hoc adjustments.

In Teamfight Tactics, the most popular game in the autochess genre, I briefly attained top 100 on the North American ladder during Set 4.5, and won over $500 in casual tournaments.

In Go, my strength is 1-kyū. I wrote a guide for newbies.

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